Conversation With Jessye Wilden

Trigger Warning: This episode deals with a real-life story of homicide and suicide. If you have experienced trauma in you own life, please proceed with caution. Jessye Wilden, author of the upcoming book We Wrote Your Name In Color, joined us to share the story of when her brother-in-law killed his wife and then himself. Jessye and her husband Ryan were best friends with both Ryan’s little sister and her husband. They began raising their children after the homicide/suicide.

How can such tragedy and pain lead to forgiveness, hope, and healing for the Wilden family as well as their small community in northern California? We talk about that and the overlapping issues of mental health (depression and anxiety) and suicide in the chronic pain community. We also talked how forgiveness is possible even in the hardest of circumstances.

Jessye’s book comes out on 10/19. Get more information and pre-order on her website:

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