How Chronic Illness Impacts Our Spouse: A Conversation With Two Husbands

In this episode, I interview Jeremy Harrison and Jeremy Wright, two faithful Christians and ministers, who have wives living with chronic illness. Both Jeremys open up about their personal struggles with faith and purpose in their loved one’s pain and their grief on their behalf.

This one is especially for those of you watching a loved one go through the struggle and dealing with the helplessness you often feel when you can’t take the pain away from them and can’t get God to do it either. How do we go forward in a life we never envisioned? How do we hold onto each other and to God?

Jeremy Wright mentioned a book he couldn’t remember in the podcast. Later he told me it is called “This Too Shall Last: Finding Grace When Suffering Lingers” by K.J. Ramsey. You can find on here:

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