Here are some helpful books we have encountered on this journey with chronic illness:

Leader’s Guide and Participant’s Guides for Broken and Mended support groups: permit us this one shameless plug! If you are joining a support group, you will want a participant’s guide. If you are starting a support group, you need a leader’s guide (and eventually participant’s guides for your group).

Cover For Leader’s Guide

Kiss The Wave by David Furhman. I was reading this book when the name for Broken and Mended was chosen. It is a great personal story about chronic illness and pain with deep theological reflection. It’s my kind of book.

These next two books are from our good friend Esther Smith. Chronic Illness Walking By Faith (a devotional book), A Still And Quiet Mind: Twelve Strategies for Changing Unwanted Thoughts. Esther has some other books mentioned on her website.

Emily Maurits has written a great memoir on her struggle with her sister’s brain tumor diagnosis and the subsequent life and death struggle. Two Sisters and a Brain Tumour.

Though not dealing with chronic pain or illness, we think Broken and Mended member, Tara Cole’s book on praying for our kids in school is great! Everday Prayers For School.

Glenn Pemberton’s Hurting With God: Learning To Lament with the Psalms is a fantastic and encouraging book.

Check back for more recommendations!

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