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Chronic Joy This is a comprehensive resource website that ranges from people of all ages with chronic illness to parents of kids with chronic illness, caregivers, etc. Frankly, it’s the best Christian chronic illness website I’ve seen out there and an inspiration for our own journey! — Blog and resources maintained by Esther Smith, a fellow chronic pain sufferer, who approaches pain and illness from a counseling and Christian perspective.

Called to Watch — Blog by Emily Maurits, who especially ministers to those who support and love someone in chronic pain. Emily has close relatives who are dealing with serious illnesses, and I appreciate her giving voice to the perspective of the “watchers” among us. — One of the pioneers in Christian ministry among the disabled and one of the more inspiring stories you will ever hear.

Undeniably Sara — This blog deals especially with Complex Traumatic Stress Disorder, Migraines, and Depression. It is refreshingly honest and written from the perspective of faith. I don’t have these particular ailments, but I’m still encouraged by the blog.

Rise Above Epilepsy — Tiffany is a believer who keeps up an excellent blog full of practical insights gained from her battle with epilepsy.

The Lump — A child and parent’s blog about a young girl’s fight with cancer. Good for kids and parents dealing with chronic illness or life-threatening diseases in children.

Cranberry Tea Time is a blog by Rachel Lundy. Here’s her description of what she writes about: “On this blog you will find me chatting about my family, my health, life with a disability, and the God I love and serve. I want to share the hope and joy that I have in the midst of momentary troubles. I invite you to chat with me in the comment section if you wish. I love hearing from my blog readers!”

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