Rising From the African Plain

Having had the opportunity to travel to many places, I have long appreciated the Christian songs which remind us of God’s global kingdom. One such song is the Newsboys’ “He Reigns.” It begins with the words:

“It’s the song of the redeemed
Rising from the African plain”

What a great way to start a worldwide anthem of God’s praise! My wife and I, along with another married couple, will travel to Kenya this week to embark on a two week mission that will take us from one end of Kenya to the other. And we will do this on behalf of Broken and Mended.

When I started Broken and Mended in 2018, I envisioned one day that we might travel to foreign destinations to encourage chronic illness support groups meeting across the world. In fact, I had a 15-year plan that allowed me to work out a vision over multiple years without the restrictions of what was possible in the present. In my plan, I marked 2025 as the year we would make our first mission trip for Broken and Mended. I wrote down South America as the destination.

The place itself was not what was important. The first trip is coming a year early because God has blessed the work in Kenya to such an extent that it became necessary as soon as possible. I am not certain of the exact number, but we have around 150 groups in Kenya! It is growing as fast as we can produce materials, which you can help with if you feel so moved.

People are being encouraged who are living with extreme medical hardship. And some have even been brought to Christ through the efforts of our group leaders there. God is taking a simple tool (our Leader’s and Participant’s Guide) and using it to offer hope to the suffering across the globe. I am especially thankful for our ministry partners in Kenya, who have embraced this work wholeheartedly.

Pain is universal. That’s the bad news. But in Christ we are given eternal life in place of the pain; that’s the good news! God using the sorrow and agony of pain as the conduit to deliver the good news that one day we will live with God forever without pain is just the kind of paradoxical mission God would be up to! We are just blessed to join him in that mission.

These next two weeks, we will meet a lot of amazing people, and a lot of them will be hurting. We won’t be able to take the pain away, but we will be able to tell them they are not alone. Not only are they not alone, but God has a purpose for them even through their pain. Many of the Kenyans we have come to know see Broken and Mended not just as a support network for themselves, but as a way to reach others with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pray for us while we are there. Pray for Kenya, which is going through a period of politcal unrest right now. Pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ, who need encouragement, but also seek to encourage others. And let us all recall together another great line from He Reigns about the global chorus of God’s praise:

And all the powers of darkness
Tremble at what they’ve just heard
Cause all the powers of darkness
Can’t drown out a single word

Newsboys – He Reigns Lyrics | Genius Lyrics
David Heflin

David Heflin

Executive Director

David Heflin is the founder and president of Broken and Mended. He is married to Katie and has three kids. David has been a preacher for 17 years and founded Broken and Mended in 2018 after being inspired by his own battle with chronic pain to connect other hurting people to Jesus and each other. David has a B.A. in Bible from Oklahoma Christian University and a Master of Arts in Religion from Azusa Pacific University. He resides in Woodward, OK.

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