What’s Coming In 2022!

I am excited to share our goals with you for this year. These are not merely resolutions that turn out to be pious wishes. We really do plan and pursue each of our goals! We met or exceeded each of our goals in 2021. We give thanks to God for allowing us to do that. This year’s goals are even more ambitious and will serve you in more varied ways. Here’s a sneak peek:

1. Increase visual presence through an updated professional website and traveling display

The traveling display is for recruiting and fundraising trips, but the website is a big deal for everyone. We are in conversations with a professional website designer, who could take our website to a whole new level: Original content and collaborative content in the form of blogs and podcasts, additional content for support group leaders, e-mail newsletter subscriptions, video conferencing, members-only content, and more. We want a website that you will want to visit multiple times a week!

2.  Recruit and sustain ten active support groups

The support groups remain the heart of this ministry. We want to expand what we are doing currently by reaching into new churches and communities to start Broken and Mended support groups, who, in turn, will be connected to our network and ministry as a whole. If you are interested in starting a group in your location (can be virtual-only or hybrid–virtual and in-person), check out our page here.

3.  Establish a weekly digital presence

By forming a team of people who are interested in contributing written content and/or participating in podcasts, we intend to share new content every week. Likely, we will alternate between blog posts and podcasts every week. The podcasts will also include a transcript for anyone who needs it or prefers to take it in that way. Though this is a goal for weekly content, it will take some time to put in place the plan to accomplish this. I definitely cannot do it on my own!

4.  Fundraising for and hiring part-time staff to assist with social media, correspondence, recruiting, and fundraising

The website development is going to cost a lot of money, but as the ministry grows we also anticipate needing to hire staff. This will increase our ability to grow the ministry through new financial partners, as well as the reach of the ministry through support groups. It means more personal and consistent support for everyone!

5.  Develop the next phase materials plan for 2023 and beyond

I have already started creating new content (2nd book/participation guide) for additional curriculum for support groups. I don’t think we will need it for 2022, but we could need it for 2023. If we are going to have it for 2023, then we will have to create the content and make the plan in 2022. One exciting possibility is the creation of video content that could be streamed and an accompanying participation guide for you at home. This would be a game-changer for starting support groups.

Pray For Us!

Will you join us in praying for these goals? Ask God to guide us with his vision and wisdom as we humbly follow him in “connecting hurting people to Jesus and each other.” If you have a chronic illness yourself, please join our Facebook Group. Find the link on this page. If you will consider being a financial partner, check out our online donation page or send a check (see instructions at the bottom of the page).

David Heflin

David Heflin

Executive Director

David Heflin is the founder and president of Broken and Mended. He is married to Katie and has three kids. David has been a preacher for 17 years and founded Broken and Mended in 2018 after being inspired by his own battle with chronic pain to connect other hurting people to Jesus and each other. David has a B.A. in Bible from Oklahoma Christian University and a Master of Arts in Religion from Azusa Pacific University. He resides in Woodward, OK.

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