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What’s Next For Broken & Mended’s Chronic Illness Support Ministry?

If you are new here, then, first of all, I want to simply welcome you to our new website! Of course, I want to welcome those of you who visited us on our old “dot com” website as well. Here you will find many of the same features that were available there: blog posts, podcasts (though now you can play them directly from our website), valuable resources, etc. New features include support group information, easier access to donate or contact us, and a much sleeker (but still personal!) design by Steed Interactive!

Still to come will be our Shopify store merchandise you can order directly from our website and login-protected content and resources page for support group leaders. We want this to be a hub for those looking for support in their struggle with chronic illness and pain, as well as a place for our support groups and support group leaders to network and get what they need to be successful. Of course, we will direct our potential donors here as well. This not-for-profit ministry is not possible without the generous donation of many people.

Broken and Mended incorporated in 2021, not even two years ago, and we are just getting started! Our focus right now is on building community through support groups and sharing original and other helpful content through our website and social media presence.

We will let God guide us, but it is on my heart to one day have a dedicated wing of our ministry to support families with a chronically ill child(ren). We would love to do more to help the chronically ill partner with healthcare resources in their local community or to even advocate for them when necessary.

All of us know someone who is chronically ill or in chronic pain if we aren’t traversing that difficult path ourselves. Every dollar given goes to help people like yourself or those you know. Also, we would appreciate it if you would share our website on your social media platforms or personally with those who might benefit from it. If you have a webpage and an appropriate place to list us as a resource, we would appreciate it! Pray for us as God leads us on a journey to serve, comfort, and empower this under-ministered community. Thank you, and may God continue to bless you in all the ways you serve him!

David Heflin

David Heflin

Executive Director

David Heflin is the founder and president of Broken and Mended. He is married to Katie and has three kids. David has been a preacher for 17 years and founded Broken and Mended in 2018 after being inspired by his own battle with chronic pain to connect other hurting people to Jesus and each other. David has a B.A. in Bible from Oklahoma Christian University and a Master of Arts in Religion from Azusa Pacific University. He resides in Woodward, OK.

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